Nick Bryant – Episode 116

Activist and writer Nick Bryant is Greg Kelly’s guest today. Bryant published Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “Black book” in 2015 and has dedicated much of his career to investigating human trafficking.

In his latest effort, Bryant focuses his investigative journalism lens on the Watergate scandal. “You can’t read other books on Watergate, you have to study them,” Bryant tells Kelly. He endeavored to change that with his book, which distills the events down into a consumable and understandable narrative. Kelly calls it the “most readable” version of events ever published. That book, The Truth About Watergate: A Tale of Extraordinary Lies & Liars, is out now.

This feature-length conversation covers everything from Bryant’s investigation into Jeffrey Epstein to the truth about All The President’s Men authors Woodward and Bernstein. The latter was uncovered during Bryant’s 18 years of research for his 2024 book. Plus, Kelly gets his guest to define human trafficking, and discuss other instances of it in American politics, including the little-discussed case of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

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