Andy Ngo – Episode 72

Andy Ngo joins Greg Kelly to discuss becoming an unlikely controversial figure.

Ngo’s name has transcended from politics to pop culture. As the Twitterverse cancels more and more free thought, Mumford and Sons Winston Marshall was forced to step away after simply saying he enjoyed reading one of Ngo’s books–catapulting Ngo to a kind of woke infamy. That book? “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

Ngo tells Kelly the threats on his life became so severe, he had to leave the country. But that has not stopped Ngo from advocating for free speech, free thought, and the path he sees to save our democracy.

Ngo and Kelly discuss how Antifa is negatively impacting the conversations on everything from Race to culture, and what needs to happen to end it.

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