Bill Stevenson – Episode 107

After a viral appearance on Greg Kelly’s Newsmax program, Bill Stevenson returns for part two of his long-form interview on The Greg Kelly Podcast. In this edition, Stevenson details major allegations of retaliatory behavior on the part of the now-President and then-Senator.

After Stevenson emerged victorious in the divorce proceedings, retaining their home and rewarded with tens of thousands of dollars from Mrs. Biden, he alleges that Joe Biden went out of his way to make his life miserable. Stevenson alleges that the Bidens remained bitter over not receiving the house or palimony and abused their power and connections in Delaware to retaliate.

Stevenson says that President Biden’s behavior in his administration is just “the rerun” of what he went through for years post-divorce and continued to experience until 2012. Listen to the fascinating and explosive story right now.

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