Dr. Mehmet Oz – Episode 86

Dr. Mehmet Oz, known around the world for dispensing medical advice daily on his daytime talk show, is entering the race for retiring Senator Pat Toomey’s seat in Pennsylvania as a Republican. In this interview with Greg Kelly, Oz opens up about why he’s chosen to enter the race.

This is an eye-opening look into why Dr. Oz cares about this country. When he first announced, the TV doc was thought to be following somewhat of a Trumpian playbook: parlay TV fame into a political career. But as he proves the odds-on favorite to win his primary in PA, Oz is demonstrating a true heart for this nation.

Also included in this interview are insights into Dr. Oz’s family, and how exactly he will join other medical experts in Congress to push back against continued COVID mitigation measures.

Thanks to today’s sponsor, SentryPODS – Protective Overt Deployable Surveillance.

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