Dr. Steven Cyr – Episode 92

Dr. Steven Cyr is a Mayo Clinic–trained, board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon who served fourteen years in the U.S. Air Force, during which time he was the chief of spine surgery for the Air Force. In this capacity, he served as a spine surgery consultant to the surgeon general of the Air Force and the Pentagon.

After leaving the military, Dr. Cyr began his own practice as an orthopedic surgeon, innovating in that space of medicine. However, he soon became the target of big business, insurance, and the government as his reputation was assaulted and he nearly lost everything. He details this struggle in his new book, “Cutthroat: A Surgeon’s Fight against Big Government, Corrupt Businessmen, and a Broken Healthcare System.”

In this conversation with Greg Kelly, Dr. Cyr discusses his journey from respected military surgeon to maligned private practitioner, and the struggle to clear his name. Plus, he details his fight against corporate and government interests that put doctors in perilous positions.

To learn more and order the book go to: www.cutthroatbook.com

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