Dwight Chapin – Episode 94

The Greg Kelly Podcast is Back!

Today, Deputy Assistant to President Nixon, Dwight Chapin, joins Greg Kelly in this riveting two-hour conversation.

Chapin is a name known to anyone familiar with Nixon or the Watergate Scandal. In his new book, “The President’s Man: The Memoirs of Nixon’s Trusted Aide,” Chapin delves inside his time with Nixon in the White House, his relationship to the man himself, and his imprisonment in the Watergate scandal.

Chapin chats with Greg about his early life and interest in politics. The pair also do a deep-dive into the politics of President Nixon’s first presidential campaign and the transition that followed.

In the coming weeks, Kelly will do a part two with Mr. Chapin about his time in the White House, and get the inside story on the Watergate scandal from the man whom many feel was sent to prison as a scapegoat in the ensuing fallout.

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