Harry Lorayne – Episode 16

Harry Lorayne is a master of memory. Lorayne has parlayed that into a successful career as a magician, mentalist, and motivational speaker.

Now, you might not think those first two go together: A magician known for his card slights and a memory-training specialist. But when Lorayne puts those two skills together—even today, in his mid 90’s—something akin to the impossible happens.

Lorayne has traveled the world lecturing for magicians, training others in his memory techniques, and entertaining audiences. Greg Kelly had the chance to sit down with Mr. Lorayne a few years ago to talk about his methodology, theories on the mind, and his vast publications on the subject. 

Now, be warned, the audio is a little older and distorts somewhat at times, but you’ll be too engrossed in the interview to notice.

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