Jodi Shaw – Episode 61

Jodi Shaw once had her dream position in her grasp: Librarian at Smith College in Northampton, MA. She had been excelling in the position on a non-permanent basis.

Shaw, also a poet, was told she could not rap the presentation portion of her interview for the permanent position. The reason? She was too white. She was forced to take a pay cut and a different job as a result of being unable to complete her librarian interview.

Shaw, a liberal, was then forced to attend staff meetings where gender identity and race issues were front and center. It was there that she became uncomfortable with what she saw as an illiberal direction that the school was taking.

In this conversation with Greg Kelly, Jodi Shaw opens up about why her liberal ideology does not mesh with the identity politics of today’s Left. She also talks about her time at Smith as a student, and how she went from admiring the institution to suing them.

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