Paul R. Gregory – Episode 101

Retired professor Paul R. Gregory’s new book “The Oswalds: An Untold Account of Marina and Lee” details his close association with the couple in stunning detail. Professor Gregory offers insight into what made the couple tick.

They became acquainted through mutual friends in the Russian community in Dallas, TX. Like Lee Harvey, Professor Gregory had a Russian wife. In his interview with Greg Kelly, the professor offers his insights into what Lee Harvey Oswald was like as a husband, a career man, and his insecurities. Gregory intimates that Oswald was severely underestimated in his life, jealous of his more-successful spouse, and eager to be respected by the world.

Host Greg Kelly pushes for specifics on the professor’s relationship with the Oswalds, from what they were like as a couple, to how one Oswald was unsatisfied and turned to a lover outside the relationship. Through both his book and this interview, Professor Paul R. Gregory offers perhaps the most complete portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald yet.

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