Tatiana Ibrahim – Episode 63

Tatiana Ibrahim is making waves with her crusade against race-based education in public schools. Ibrahim, a mother in Carmel, NY, shot to fame when a video of her confronting her local school board went viral. Ibrahim took issue with the school district’s alleged adoption of Critical Race Theory. 

Ibrahim said her daughter came home confused, telling her mom her teachers were telling her she was racist. It was then that Mamma Bear knew what she had to do to: rid the district of CRT.

But her speech went viral, and now she’s a voice for those around the country who do not want CRT in public schools.

In this revealing interview with Greg Kelly, Tatiana gets extremely personal. Her resilience in life in the face of hardship and unspeakable tragedy has led her to being a voice for common sense in education. It is a role Tatiana Ibrahim now proudly wears like a suit of armor.

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